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Celebrate the life of a loved one with an individually designed and crafted cremation urn. Imagine a memento as unique as the life it represents. Create your masterpiece with Foreverence.

Design process


What inspires the fondest memory of a loved one? Is it an item that was truly unique to them? Is it a symbol of a hobby or a pursuit of passion? Is it an abstract work of art? What is that perfect tribute to an extraordinary life?


Great design is bringing a vision to life. Whether we’re working from an idea, a conversation, a sketch or photograph, a memorial masterpiece is brought to three-dimensional life.


Memorial keepsake urn materials range from ceramic, metals and a variety of composites. The outcome is an exceptional, individually crafted, work of art. A memento as unique as the life it represents.

R.I.P. robert Casale

We are so honored to have worked with the Casale family to create such an amazing, one-of-a-kind keepsake.  

It is beautiful and fitting tribute to a man and his art.

The Energy Dome, Devo’s famous hat, is such an iconic image. Our designers were honored to work on recreating such a recognizable object.

Rest in Peace, Bob.

“Foreverence provided an appropriate, custom made resting place for Bob's ashes. I can't thank them enough for their concern and generosity.”

Founder of DEVO

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