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The Most Important Story Is The Story Of Your Life

Every day we ask families to share stories about their lives. And every day, we’re grateful for the opportunity to listen to what people have to say about favorite birthdays, baptisms, memorable school trips, vacations, and most importantly, about laughter and love shared with others. It seems appropriate that we take a moment to share our story with all of you.

Finger Window

Our Vision

Foreverence helps individuals and families tell the stories of their lives through custom cremation urns and tributes that represent a loved one’s passions and pursuits. A meaningful Foreverence memorial urn is personal, unique, and without compromise.

It’s a perfect expression of a life well lived.

Our Background

Our mission is to provide the world with a superior alternative to the traditional urn. That alternative is the freedom of personal choice. We looked at the urns available for sale through funeral homes and online, and we saw an immediate need for something more personal. We used our experience in 3D printing to create a new way of thinking about custom cremation urns.

We’ve assembled a team with vision and imagination to build this company. And now we’re at your service to help you celebrate and pay tribute to your loved one, pet, or friend, with beautifully designed creative urns.

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