Choosing the Perfect Pet Urn to Celebrate Your Companion

As furry members of the family, pets fill our lives with pure, unconditional love. They wait patiently at home and shower us with kisses after a hard day at work. They calm us down and give us comfort when life is at its most chaotic. They never judge, even when we eat leftover pizza for breakfast and watch Netflix in our PJs all day. Simply put, pets leave an everlasting pawprint on our hearts, and they deserve to be cherished forever. 

Whether you’re celebrating a big slobbery Saint Bernard or a cute, cuddly kitten, honoring your loved one is a must. At Foreverence, our custom pet urns personify that cold nose in your hand or that quirky attribute you’ll never forget. 

As pet lovers ourselves, we’re proud to provide you with a personalized pet urn that your family will love. But with near-limitless size and design options, choosing the perfect urn to showcase your pet’s passions may seem daunting. 

If you’re searching for a pet urn, you’re probably asking yourself questions like: 

  • What is the right size for my pet urn? 
  • What is the best color for my pet urn? 
  • What sort of theme should I choose for my pet urn?

Having created many unique pet urns over the years, we get questions like these all the time. To help make your choice a little easier, we’ve developed a system to for guidance. We call it the three A’ of Pet Memorialization: Attribute, Activity, and Article. 

Think About Your Pet’s Attributes

Like children, most pets have a unique characteristic or attribute you love. Certain fur patterns, eye colors, or even attitudes can be incorporated into pet urns. For instance, if your pet always wore a red bandana, we could create a portrait-style urn with a prominent red bandana under their cute, scruffy chin. 

Consider Your Pet’s Favorite Activities

Did your cat knead your belly with its paws as it fell asleep? Did your pup get the “zoomies” every time you opened the back door? Think about your loved one’s favorite activities for pet urn inspiration. If they loved to hide in autumn leaf piles, we could create a custom urn that depicts them playing in the grass with fall leaves scattered around their paws. 

What Article Best Represents Your Pet? 

Try to think about an article or thing that best represents or epitomizes your pet. Maybe it’s a special dog park where you first bonded with your furry companion. Or perhaps it’s a time-worn saddle you would always use to ride on a prized horse. Whatever you can imagine, we can create – we’ve even crafted a mini–Roman Colosseum to celebrate a family’s favorite kitty! 

Other Quick Tips to Consider When Choosing a Custom Pet Urn

For additional guidance, consider these tips and exercises when it’s time to honor your pet’s life: 

Choose Colors That Represent Your Pet

Is there a particular color palette or pattern that reminds you of your loved one? If your companion was quiet, calm, and dignified, a more muted color scheme with dark blues or greens could be incorporated. If they were always excited and full of energy, something bright like yellow or orange could work well. We can even add colors that match your college or pro football team of choice. 

Don’t Let Styles or Shapes Limit You

Traditional pet urns come in stereotypical shapes and sizes, like small vases or boxes. However, at Foreverence, we have the tools and talent to create urns outside of the status quo. Don’t let “standard” sizes or shapes limit your imagination! If you can think of it, chances are we can create it. During your personal custom urn design consultation, we’ll collaborate with you one-on-one to turn your dreams into reality.

Write Down Inscription Ideas

Many Foreverence customers add meaningful inscriptions to their custom pet urns. Take some time and think about a few words that honor your loved one’s memory. Whether it’s an inside joke only your family will understand or a well-known quote summarizing your pet’s personality, an inscription adds an extra layer of love that you will cherish forever. 

Celebrate Your Pet with Foreverence 

At Foreverence, we’re passionate about helping families find creative ways to celebrate the life of their pets. Whether you’re thinking of an understated memento or a stunning tribute, we’re here to guide, explain, and serve. Contact us today to learn more about our process and how we can help honor your loved one’s legacy.

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