Our Pricing: The Cost of an Urn

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Our Guide to Creating Your Specialized Urn

Choosing an urn for your loved one is an intimate process resulting in a timeless tribute that reflects the life and passion of your loved one.

Foreverence offers uncompromised freedom of choice to create practically any urn you can imagine.

The cost of an urn — a full-sized custom urn (one that has 200 cubic inches of internal volume) — is $4000

The total cost includes a $1,500 design deposit to create the original art and send photographic images for your review.

Once all the artwork is approved, the remaining cremation urn cost (a $2,500 balance) is paid and we build the sculpture.

This all-inclusive procedure provides you with a team dedicated to the design and perfection of your urn, an easy-to-work-with team to be by your side through the entire urn creation process, and a lifelong, personal memorial to your loved one.

Our Process and Pricing

1 Imagine

The cost of an urn from Foreverence includes total customization services, allowing you to create practically any urn you can imagine. A $1,500 design deposit is placed to create your original design.

Remember what your loved one was passionate about, their unique personality, and stories that could be incorporated into the design. Take this time to reminisce fondly about a life well lived.

Share those stories and ideas with us, as well as any photos that could help to spark inspiration. You can also browse our gallery for ideas. We’ll bring those memories to three-dimensional life, telling your loved one’s story in a meaningful and beautiful way.

Prior to moving to the creation phase, our design team will send you photographic renders for you to review and approve before paying the remaining cost of an urn — the $2,500 balance.

This design phase of our process will take roughly one week to complete. We welcome you to suggest revisions as needed until the design fits your vision.

2 Create

After you’re confident that the design is perfect and you’re ready to move forward with the rest of the cremation urn cost ($2,500), our highly skilled team of craftsmen will hand-craft and hand-finish your personalized urn with the highest level of care and meticulous attention to detail to ensure that the urn is a truly stunning work of art you can display with pride.

The building-to-ship process following the payment of the full cost of an urn takes roughly three to four weeks.

3 Celebrate

Upon receiving your urn, the only step left is to focus on what’s most important: celebrating and honoring the life of your loved one in a way that they would have wanted. Our custom urns will forever tell their story and inspire fond memories and touching conversations.

Foreverence Urns

Foreverence helps individuals and families tell the stories of their lives. Don’t settle for a traditional urn. Celebrate the life of a loved one with a unique, hand-finished urn memorial. 

Each custom cremation urn is individually designed, hand-crafted, and hand-finished to achieve unparalleled quality and exceptional detail that provides a meaningful and personal expression of life and legacy. 

If you have any questions about the cost of an urn, or for a design consultation, contact us today. We also offer a curated collection of modern urns that are pre-designed and ready to ship. For our cremation urn cost, you receive a priceless treasure. Let’s collaborate on the perfect tribute. Start your custom order today.

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