Custom Music Urns

Was your loved one a music lover, musician, or someone who worked in the industry? Celebrate and honor the life they lived with a custom-designed music-themed urn.

Custom Music Cremation Urns – Honor & Celebrate Your Loved One

Was your loved one a music lover, musician, or someone who worked in the industry? Celebrate and honor the life they lived with a customized music-themed urn.

At Foreverence, we help families memorialize loved ones with custom music urns. You can get a guitar urn (bass, acoustic, or electric) or a piano urn for your beloved who played instruments. Besides guitars and pianos, drums and violins are popular among families who want music cremation urns.

We promise that your beloved’s music urn will be one of a kind with details that honor and represent the rich life they lived. We can also create a custom urn that replicates your loved one’s favorite album, music venue, musical symbols, or anything else you have in mind.

Creating the Perfect Custom Urn is Simple

Let’s continue to honor your loved one with a custom-designed music urn. Foreverence helps promote the healing process by providing excellent support throughout the urn-making process.

We keep the process simple by taking the time to understand your loved one and what brought them joy. We will use this insight to ideate designs of artistic urns for ashes, and you can pick your favorite one. If you already have a music urn in mind, describe it to us or send a photo and we will create a 3D design. Once you are happy with the model, we will start creating the sculpture.

Custom Urn Process

Our three-step process ensures that getting custom music or guitar urns is as undemanding as possible. The first step is the Imagine stage, where you share stories, images, or ideas that help us understand who your loved one was and what they were passionate about. We will use the information to create a three-dimensional model of a custom urn.

The second step is to Create, where you approve the 3D design or work with you on any changes. Once you are happy with the model, our experienced artisans will get to work handcrafting and finishing your one-of-a-kind music urn.

Celebrate, the final step, includes receiving your personalized urn built to pay tribute to and remember the unique life of your loved one.

Start Designing A Music Urn Today

The Foreverence team ideates, designs, and creates a custom urn sculpture for you. Our skilled and compassionate urn builders are here to discuss your options and help you through the process of selecting a custom urn that best memorializes your loved one. Contact us today to start designing.

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