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Let Foreverence build you the perfect expression of life and legacy with a custom cremation urn that celebrates an individual’s unique lifestyle and pursuit of passion.

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Lifestyle Urns

Each of us brings something unique to this world. Musical skills, athletic talent, a desire for adventure. Foreverence honors those diverse passions with personalized urns that depict your loved one’s most memorable qualities. 

Explore some urn examples within the lifestyle category, including guitar urns, golf urns, ballet slipper urns, sports urns, and more. Our gallery will show you the sky’s the limit when it comes to urn design ideas for yourself or your loved one. Each one pays tribute to the lifestyle of a truly one-of-a-kind individual.

Urn Examples

Foreverence Custom Urns

Foreverence artists and design experts can make an urn look like anything. Foreverence’s truly custom urns can capture the interests, feeling, character, and personal essence of our loved ones. We also allow individuals and families to make uncompromised product choices that align with their values.

Life. Passion. Legacy.

Foreverence helps individuals and families tell the stories of their lives. Don’t settle for a traditional urn, when you can celebrate your loved ones’ life with a unique, hand-finished, custom urn memorial. 

Each custom cremation urn is individually designed, hand-crafted, and hand-finished to achieve unparalleled quality and exceptional detail that provides a meaningful and personal expression of their legacy.”

Contact us today to explore more urn examples or start designing your own.

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