Honoring Your Loved One

There’s nothing more important than honoring your loved ones in the way they deserve. Through our custom urns, we do just that, which is evident through the heartwarming and touching notes and messages we continuously receive. Each one is a testament to how much joy and peace Foreverance’s custom urns bring in honoring the departed. Family members love the care and attention we place into every urn to fully capture the spirit and essence of an individual.


It has taken me a year to write this review. Foreverence is the true meaning of writing the vision and making it plain. The sudden loss of my husband brought me to this company. I explained his profession,passions and they brought it to life. The staff was personable, patient and top notch. I never once felt like just another customer. They were meticulous and exact. When I wanted to rush the urn they let me know that greatness takes time and it was surely worth it! While I hope you never need their services do know that they are hands down the BEST OF THE BEST!

- Angela Harris -

I cannot say enough good things about Foreverence.   My husband had a 1967 Ford fastback when he was a young man and absolutely loved that car and always wanted to get it back.  When he passed away and I started to look for an urn to memorialize him, the search was on to find someone to make an urn that was a complete replica.  I found Foreverence and man am I glad I did.  This is a top notch, A #1 Company.  They are professional and work with you endlessly to accommodate your every wish for that perfect urn.  They are very sympathetic and empathetic to what you are going through.  They want to make sure you are completely happy with their product and will guide you along the way to make sure that whatever vision you have in your head ends up in your hands.  They send you a draft first and then you can make any changes to it that you feel you may need or want.  Unlike many other companies that you work with, the people at Foreverence answer all your emails expediently and if you call and leave a message with Pete he also calls you back immediately.  Honestly, do not hesitate one bit to hire this company for your dream urn for your loved one.  I am forever thankful to all of the people that I worked with at Foreverence.

- Lynn George -

This company is fannnnntastic! They made an urn that looks EXACTLY like a boat that we had for 30years!We LOVED this boat and had so many wonderful memories in it. My husband took such good care of that boat I knew this would make the best place for his ashes. There aren’t enough words to express how thankful me & our daughters are that this company exist. They not only made a big boat but also 2 smaller ones for our daughters to have. I KNOW my husband is smiling from heaven knowing we have him “back in his boat!”

- Judy Scimeca -

As I promised some time ago, I am finally able to write a review without breaking down. In 2020 I lost my sister Kelly in a mid air collision. Although she was a huge aviation enthusiast, her first love was her 1964 Thunderbird. I happened upon Foreverence’s website and found the perfect way to memorialize her. After sending in my request and a collage of photos, I was shocked to have the founder and CEO himself contact me direct. He understood exactly what I wanted and thoroughly explained the process. On a side note, Pete also recognized in one photo where she (my sister) was at the gravesite of Marylin Monroe. All in all, Pete and everyone at Foreverence made an incredibly difficult time , a time of joy and excitement. A time I can now look back on with a fondness and smile. Whenever my sister talked about “Bertha” her beautiful TBird, she always said “and I still drive her in my dreams.” And thanks to Foreverence, she can now drive her anytime she wants. My only regret is not writing this sooner. From a vision to a reality, this process was and will always be a bright spot in a very dark time. Thank you Pete and everybody at Foreverence. You are all so very, very special.

In loving memory of my beautiful sister, Kelly Joyce Kreeger 

- Sandy Inman -

My NorthStar, my husband, suddenly passed away from a traumatic fall/brain injury in September.  Pete was kind enough to call on a Sunday after I contacted him via email, to speak about my thoughts and ideas.  He put Maren on my project, and it arrived on Friday, everything that I had hoped for.  Loss is so hard, and honoring the one you loved is paramount to healing.  I feel that the finished product does this, honors my wonderful husband's duty to country, his military-to-the-bone sense of patriotism.  Thank you for everything!

- Jacquelyn Gosselin -

I found this company by chance when I was searching the internet for cool ideas/activities etc. I am so glad I found this company.  I couldn't be more pleased with the piece.  They absolutely did an amazing job!!  The details on it are fantastic & unbelievable!! 

- Jamie -

I am extremely impressed with this company! I was on the search for an urn that would represent both of my parents in one. I could not find anything in the catalogs that were provided to me so I began to search online. Nothing seemed to fit what I needed and I felt like I was settling until I stumbled across Foreverence. I am so grateful to have decided to go through this company. The final product received was more than I could have ever asked for. The detail is absolutely incredible and it’s a one of a kind urn tailored to my parents legacy. The customer service is outstanding and everyone staffed is there to ensure your are 100% satisfied. I would highly recommend Foreverence. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

- Shara Mansur -

Customized and Curated Urns

With Foreverence’s custom urns, your loved ones are never forgotten. Throughout the entire process, we keep the departed in mind to create a unique experience. That’s why each urn is designed after a thorough conversation with loved ones to ensure the finished urn is the appropriate representation from style and design to even choosing the right materials. Their memories will live on with customized urns that capture their individualized spirits to provide peace of mind and solace. 

Why Choose Foreverence

The beauty of Foreverence is that we offer urns that don’t look like the traditional ones. Thanks to our outstanding team, we can design anything from the simple to the ornate. Whenever you look at one of our premium urns, you’ll see how your loved one is honored in the best way possible. There is no better honor than a Foreverence customized urn. If you have any questions or would like to begin making your own custom urn, contact us today.

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