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Curated Collection

If our store is not your first stop on your urn shopping journey, you’ve probably experienced the same challenge as most of our guests. Being confronted with a vast sea of sameness. Foreverence is proud to offer you a wide selection of curated, artistic modern urns. Each one is unique in its style, theme and design, capturing the feelings, the character, the essence of a loved one the way a traditional vase or box cannot.

The Foreverence Curated Collection has a variety of materials, ranging from Acacia wood to copper to hand-plated ceramic. Urn sizes range from full-sized and mid-sized all the way down to small keepsakes.
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24 products

Foreverence Artist Series

Over the next few months we will be bringing you a range of designs brought forth by the creative minds of our expert digital design team. We’d like to start by introducing you to “The Book of Life”. This unique art piece in the shape of an old style, hardbound cover book represents the story of a life well lived. Both the inner pages as well as the outer cover can be customized with your own images as well as any remembrance information like name, dates, special quotes. The Book of Life Artist Series is $1799.

Coming soon: The Public Servant Series including designs for Police, Military, Fire, First Responders and other modern urns.

Foreverence Urns

Thus, we can give our customers the freedom of choice to express themselves and their loved one’s legacy in the most unique and personal way. Our vision is to create the perfect expression of a life well lived.

Our goal is to make the process of designing or selecting an urn as easy as possible for our guests. Whether you are choosing curated or custom urns, our team of expert designers will provide guidance to you. Foreverence believes that it’s about time to bring a change to the traditional cremation urn. Our custom and modern urns and memorials allow you to remember your loved ones in a way that best represents their life and passion.

Contact our team with any questions about the many types of Foreverence urns.