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Curated Collection: Moderns Urns

If our store isn't your first stop on your urn shopping journey, you’ve probably experienced the same challenge as most of our guests: being confronted with a vast sea of sameness. Foreverence is proud to offer a wide selection of artistic urns for humans, as well as modern pet urns. Each one is unique in its style, theme, and design, capturing the feelings, the character, and the essence of a loved one in a profound way that a traditional vase or box cannot.

Available in all sizes, our master artisans hand-craft and hand-finish each piece with a variety of materials, ranging from Acacia wood to copper to hand-plated ceramic. The urns in this collection are pre-designed and ready to ship. We also offer personalized urns if you’d like to design a one-of-a-kind, custom piece that tells the story of your loved one.

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Modern Urns: Curated Pieces & Custom Services

Whether you’re planning a memorial for a beloved family member or shopping for modern pet urns for a furry friend, we give you an endless array of options. The pieces in this Curated Collection are available for immediate purchase. If you’d like to modify any of the details, we’re happy to accommodate. We can also create a brand new design from scratch and craft a one-of-one work of art that tells your loved one’s story. At Foreverence, you’re only limited to your imagination. Let’s work together to honor the legacy of a life well lived.

A Trusted Source for Modern Urns

Our goal is to make the process of designing or selecting an urn as easy as possible for our guests. Whether you’re choosing from our curated urn designs for humans and pets or commissioning an individually designed urn, our team of expert designers will provide guidance as needed. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any reason as you plan this momentous acquisition.

At Foreverence, we saw that a change to the traditional cremation urn was long overdue, so we decided to provide a solution. Our meaningful memorials allow you to remember your loved ones in a way that best represents their personality, passions, and life story. Purchase one of our hand-crafted and hand-finished modern urns now, or create a custom urn that matches the legacy of your loved one.