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Creating Perfect Memorial Cremation Urns Amid a Sea of Sameness

When you enter a buffet, do you feel overwhelmed or excited? Your reaction may be a clue to how you handle decision-making. As the world continues to offer us more choices when we shop at any store, refining what we end up with in our shopping cart is vital. Barry Schwartz’s book, The Paradox of Choice, explored how humans react when given varying levels of choice. Studies were conducted utilizing observational techniques and self-identifying markers, as well as including psychological theories on human behavior.

Not surprisingly, trends were recorded and repeatedly seen in certain environments. Schwartz found that most people prefer to have options from which to choose, but there is a point at which too many choices will appear. This overwhelm ends up paralyzing a person, hindering their ability to make a decision. A combination of missing out, regretting a choice, and re-evaluating what's really needed all influence our choices on a daily basis.

Since his book’s release, marketers have had a field day trying to figure out the right balance for their particular product or service. As you may have noticed, commercials and advertisements continue to evolve to find that sweet spot where it's influential without being abrasive. The funeral service industry is not immune to this quandary.

Selecting the Perfect Memorial Cremation Urns

Most customers describe their experience of choosing an urn in one of two ways. One involves walking into a somber room at a funeral home where a small selection of urns is displayed, making an already desolate time feel more impersonal. Alternatively, other experience visiting an impersonal, overly commercialized product website with thousands of urns available. In addition, there are options advertised at discount prices and add-ons for quick delivery. It is a cash-and-grab-like environment that does not allow a person to feel connected to their loved one lost in the process. Neither option is a good one.

In my opinion, the idea of memorializing a legacy is quickly lost. An opportunity to create memorial cremation urns is a supportive time. This sacred opportunity is then replaced with compromising thoughts of a better deal and a speedy turnaround. The focus rapidly turns toward payments and flashy features, rather than a heartfelt moment of connection to the person who has passed on.

Thankfully, there is a better way. This need was one of many that led to the birth of Foreverence.

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Perfect Memorial Cremation Urns: “Anything Is Possible”

The digital age has given rise to the expectation that almost anything is possible. Everything is faster, shinier, better, and more personal than ever before. If you can imagine it, it can be manufactured. That imagined item can also be immediately ordered online and delivered to your doorstep within a couple of days. It’s easy to create our own unique style without limitations or obstacles. The freedom of expression is limitless.

We can choose the colors and designs of our cell phone cases. What interior upholstery we want in our cars is up to us, and we could customize the paint in our houses to match our favorite pairs of socks if we wanted to. The Western world is defined by individuality. We strive to make an impact that is personally ours and to be remembered in the same fashion.

Most of those personal decisions seem easy. However, some are not. They can become incredibly stressful.

For instance, how does one envision, design, and create a physical object to represent an entire lifetime of personality, style, pastimes, and accomplishments? What elements must be added, and which are not necessary? Who will decide what someone's legacy actually is? How will you know that you’ve created the perfect memorial cremation urns for your deceased loved ones?

Creating Memorial Cremation Urns

This is the challenge we find immensely rewarding at Foreverence. We relish the opportunity to help families, friends, or individuals planning their end-of-life details with the emotional yet uplifting process of finding the perfect tribute to a life well lived. Whether it's showing our gallery designs for inspiration or offering a neutral sounding board to help you narrow down your ideas, we’re here for you. There is no challenge we cannot face, as this is what we're dedicated to as a practice and a company. We’re in the business of quality custom urns.

With the introduction of 3D printing capabilities, there is now a manufacturing technology that supports full-color, highly durable, and beautiful urns and memorials that are truly one of a kind. The technology behind 3D printing continues to evolve and improve, and we’re excited to see how much more we can infuse into our future designs for clients. It adds a new element of design and creativity to the process of creating the perfect memorial cremation urns.

Partner With Foreverence to Create the Memorial Cremation Urns

Feeling motivated to begin? How do you start when there’s literally a “blank canvas” staring back at you?

Our process of creating the memorial cremation urns is quite simple. We ask questions. We listen. We synthesize. Understanding a few key elements, such as where or if the urn will be displayed, meaningful phrases or personal mantras, and iconic photographs or images, allows our designers to create an initial concept that we call a Legacyboard®. This serves as a starting point and visual depiction of concepts for consideration. Every design, including your perfect urn, will blossom from this stepping stone.

What we’ve heard from our customers is that these interactions and this process, where we help families to envision, design, and create the perfect memorial cremation urns and tributes, is a pivotal moment for them in dealing with the emotions of losing a loved one. They can successfully move from feeling paralyzed by the many pressing choices inherent in the end-of-life process to finding relief. The comfort and joy of having created the perfect tribute is our goal for every client, every time. Contact us to start creating the perfect urn today!

Pete Saari


Author Bio

Pete Saari is the founder and CEO of Foreverence, a revolutionary company that utilizes 3D printing technologies to create fully customized, one-of-a-kind urns.

His entrepreneurial background and creative spirit are the driving forces behind a reimagination of how end-of-life choices are made in the modern era. Foreverence focuses on celebrating and honoring legacies through artistic pieces that tell the story of a life well lived.

Foreverence has hand-crafted and hand-finished cremation sculptures for people (and pets) from all walks of life, honoring the lives of celebrities like Prince and family and friends.

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