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Free to Choose: What Creating a Custom Urn Really Means

Recently, I was reminiscing about the early days of our business—back in 2014 or so. Around then, we introduced the idea of custom designed, 3D printed urns to an audience of funeral professionals. This took place at one of their trade association events called ICCFA in Las Vegas.

We were nervous about attending this show with our new idea. Questions and worries ranged from “what if they don’t love our idea?” to “what the heck do you wear to a funeral professionals’s trade show?” bounced around in our heads. Let’s face it. It can be a little nerve racking to roll your new idea out to the world. What if the world doesn’t love it as much as you do? Well, in our case, the world did loved it. The audience said we had revolutionized a product category that hasn’t changed in thousands of years.

Only one problem. We had broadened the term “custom” or “custom urn” to an incomprehensible point. When people think of custom urns in the funeral service industry, they think of color options, stock art available for engraving, name inscriptions, and so on. And there we were telling everyone that a custom urn no longer meant you choose either the blue, green, or floral patterned one. It means you can have ANYTHING you want.

For many, the idea that they can have anything they want is a freeing notion. A typical funeral event is fraught with compromise. Instead, we are providing families with one part of this arrangement where they can have exactly what they want to express their loved one’s (not to mention their own) legacy. Many people appreciate that sentiment.

However, there is a real dynamic called the paradox of choice. Simply put, it means when confronted with too many choices, the decision becomes harder, slower, and people often end up choosing the easiest option (versus the best one), or they make no decisions at all.

We want to make it easy for all of the families we serve. So, to those of you who know exactly what you want, whether you have pictures of it or you can visualize it in your head, we say bring it on!

To those of you who need a little guidance, here are some things to consider when you think about the perfect expression of legacy for your loved one, or for yourself down the road. In fact, about one third of our customers are already planning ahead to ensure their legacy is presented the way they choose.

What was a favorite hobby or pursuit of passion? What was the person you are trying to memorialize doing when they were not busy with the things they had to do? Did they read? Did they travel? Did they skateboard? Did they sew? What are some items or personal effects that represent those hobbies or passions. A favorite book? Hiking boots? Their favorite car?

What were the things that you did together? A custom burial urn isn’t just for the person who has passed away. It’s also for those left behind. What are some of the activities or things that were enjoyed together. A motorcycle ride in the country? An amazing bottle of wine?

And most importantly…

What brings relief from grief? Grieving is a personal process. There is no right way to do it, and it doesn’t take a certain amount of time. It’s different for everyone. But there will come a day when the thought of the person we have lost brings a smile to your face instead of a tear to your eye. And when that day comes, what is an expression of life and legacy that would bring you joy?

The process begins with a friendly conversation. Whether a loved one has recently passed or you’re envisioning your own memorial, contact Foreverence today. Our mission is to empower you and help you create a beautiful legacy of a life well lived. For question or to learn more about our inspiration for custom urns, browse through our gallery page to see how we’ve helped other people like you create the perfect custom urn.

Author Bio

Pete Saari is the founder and CEO of Foreverence, a revolutionary company that utilizes 3D printing technologies to create fully customized, one-of-a-kind urns.

His entrepreneurial background and creative spirit are the driving forces behind a reimagination of how end-of-life choices are made in the modern era. Foreverence focuses on celebrating and honoring legacies through artistic pieces that tell the story of a life well lived.

Foreverence has hand-crafted and hand-finished cremation sculptures for people (and pets) from all walks of life, honoring the lives of celebrities like Prince and family and friends.

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