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Creative Cremation Urns: Meaningful Remembrances for a Wonderful Life

At Foreverence, we proudly hand-craft and hand-finish creative cremation urns that don’t look like urns, filling a need that has long been overlooked in this industry. We believe that perfect memorials and urns should be catered to the individual, rather than following the same typical formula. This is the mindset and philosophy that birthed Foreverence.

We Pursue the Path Less Traveled

Type ‘cremation urns’ into a Google search, and you’ll find hundreds of nearly identical options. In contrast, look out across the faces and people with whom we interact throughout our lives—no two are the same. Variety and personality abound. We’re fortunate to live in an amazingly diverse, constantly evolving world. We believe that creative cremation urns that reflect personal passions and experiences are the natural way to celebrate a life well lived.

No doubt about it—our lives are one of a kind. We have unique genes, were born in different places and times, lived our own childhoods, chose where to study or work, had individual interests and thoughts, added personal touches to our living spaces and wardrobes, and pursued passions in our own ways. Doesn’t it seem odd, then, at the time of a loved one’s cremation, for the outward symbol of our individual life wonderfully lived to be a run-of-the-mill vase, urn, or box, just like everyone else? Why aren’t creative cremation urns the norm?

It’s understandable how this happened. Thousands of years ago, material availability and artisan know-how made a pottery or stone receptacle logical. As times evolved, wood and metal receptacles entered the scene. Fast forward to the 21st century and…oh…wait a minute. Why is the selection still so limited despite such an advanced array of technology and material options? Why are perfect memorial urns still so elusive?

Most People Don’t Know Better Urn Options Exist

A custom urn made for someone who enjoyed fishing

I would posit the reason why unique urns are so rare is the classic ‘you don’t know what you don’t know.’ Customers don’t realize that there are other more meaningful and personal options available. Simply put, creative cremation urns aren’t widely available.

Again, it’s understandable. In the time of need, we rely on others to help us navigate these unfamiliar waters. A funeral professional, for example, is an often utilized resource for many traditional end-of-life services. However, as they assist us through the process, it may feel exactly like that. A process. A checklist with items to be completed. So, where in that process is the opportunity to reflect on and create a meaningful and lasting remembrance of that wonderful life?

We Create Personalized Memorials

A custom urn made for someone who did ballet

Our customers have expressed time and time again that traditional options introduced are only ‘good enough’ and not truly representative of their loved ones. Thankfully, they’ve found our creative cremation urns. We’re here to provide a much-needed shift in the industry, creating personalized, meaningful works of art that pay tribute to those who are gone but never forgotten.

We can create perfect memorial urns for anyone, capturing their unique essence in a way that traditional urns simply cannot. If you can imagine it, we can make it. We invite you to browse our urn ideas for examples. From car urns to animal urns to lifestyle urns, we’ve created so many special pieces, each one telling a one-of-a-kind story.

A far cry from the standard urns that exist merely as a means to an end, each one of our personalized urns is a true work of art that would be at home displayed in a prestigious art gallery. Our creative cremation urns don’t just hold ashes—they act as a symbol of a unique life, sparking beautiful memories and sentimental conversations and ensuring that your loved one is remembered forever, with reverence.

How to Order Custom Urns

We strive to make the custom urn ordering process easy, straightforward, and as pleasant as possible as you navigate this trying time. Over the years, we’ve refined the process into three core steps: Imagine, Create, and Celebrate. Here’s how it works.

1. Imagine

Use this step as an opportunity to reminisce about your loved one. Think and talk about their unique passions, personality, and memories shared together. We take all of the information you share with us to heart as we design creative cremation urns. In addition to telling us about your loved one, we encourage you to send images that could be helpful as we design your custom urn.

While this reflective period can be daunting, many of our clients find that it can be a positive step towards healing. Naturally, brainstorming the perfect memorial urns is inherently a difficult experience, but taking the time to remember the details that made the departed so special can really bring light to a somber situation, helping you to focus on the beauty of a life well lived.

During this phase of the process, we’ll provide renderings of the design for you to examine. In order to ensure that the designs of our creative cremation urns fully exceed your expectations, we allow you to make revisions until the perfect design is complete.

2. Create

Once you’ve approved the perfect design, our team of master craftsmen will hand-craft and hand-finish your piece with unparalleled skill, care, and attention to every last detail. The manufacturing process typically takes three to four weeks. The finished sculpture will be a one-of-a-kind piece of art you can be proud to display in your home.

3. Celebrate

Upon completion of your urn, we’ll ship it to your home. Now, the only remaining step is to celebrate and honor the life and legacy of your loved one. Our creative cremation urns are wonderful conversation pieces that will act as a focal point when reminiscing about fond memories and magical moments spent together over the years.

We Also Offer Curated Urns

Three urns from the curated collection

We realize that everyone’s idea of perfect memorials and urns is unique. And, some of our customers are seeking traditional urns, but with elevated materials and designs. That’s why we offer a curated collection of modern urns that are pre-designed and ready to ship. Rest assured these are top-quality, contemporary urns that have their own unique artistic merit.

Contact Us for a Consultation

Simply being aware of creative cremation urns is the first step. Now that you know that the option exists, why not celebrate your loved one’s life and legacy in a more meaningful, personal way?

We aim to be a resource you can lean on throughout this time. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation about pricing, design planning, or anything else at all. You can also find information in our FAQs section and our blog. Plan the perfect tribute to your loved one today.

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