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Meaningful Remembrances For a Wonderful Life

Type ‘cremation urns’ into a Google search and this is what you will find hundreds of nearly idential options. But look out across the faces and people with whom we interact throughout our life, no sameness.  Variety and personality abound.  We are fortunate to live in an amazingly diverse, constantly evolving world.

No doubt our lives are one of a kind.  We have unique genes, were born in a unique place and time, lived a unique childhood, chose where to study or work, had unique interests and thoughts, added personal touches to our living space and wardrobe, and pursued passions in our own way.  Doesn’t it seem odd then, at the time of our or a loved one’s cremation, for the outward symbol of our individual life wonderfully lived to be a run-of-the-mill vase, urn, or box, just like everyone else?

It’s understandable to see how this happened.  Thousands of years ago, material availability and artisan know-how made a pottery or stone receptacle logical.  As times evolved wood and metal receptacles entered the scene.  Fast forward to the 21st century and…oh…wait a minute.  Why is the selection still so limited despite such an advanced array of technology and material options?

I would posit the reason is the classic ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.  Customers don’t realize there are other more meaningful and personal options available.  Again, it’s understandable.  At the time of need, we rely on others to help us navigate these unfamiliar waters.  A funeral professional, for example, is an often utilized resource for many traditional end of life services.  However, as they assist us through the process, it may feel exactly like that.  A process.  A checklist with items to be completed.  So where in that process is the opportunity to reflect on and create a meaningful and lasting remembrance for that wonderful life?
Our customers have expressed that traditional options introduced are only ‘good enough’ and not truly representative of their loved one.  Thankfully, they’ve found Foreverence and now have a completely customized, individually designed urn… the Perfect Urn.

-Patty Saari
General Manager

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