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Resources for Grieving Families

Every day, we speak with families dealing with loss and its profound effects. To help them cope, they often ask us if we have any good suggestions for online resources for grieving families.

While there are plenty out there, we have gathered some that support grief and loss in the most meaningful ways. The Foreverence team has ensured that we have compiled resources that address family members of all ages.

Dougy Center

The Dougy Center is a national center for grieving children and families, founded in 1982. One of the most unique features of the center is that it provides resources for grieving families both before and after a loved one passes away. As a result, family members have a safe place to begin the mourning process ahead of time, which can be extremely helpful and empowering.

To properly support grief and loss, the Dougy Center has resources categorized by age, including children, teens, young adults, parents, and caregivers. For example, downloadable worksheets on the site allow children to fill them out to help express their feelings and sort through their emotions in age-appropriate ways.

Taking its assistance beyond online, the Dougy Center offers in-person resources for grieving families. Based in Portland, Oregon, family members can join a support group to connect with others experiencing the same emotional rollercoaster. The groups are based on age and the loved one that a person lost (parent, spouse, child, etc.). Additionally, the center offers virtual meet-ups.

If you’re not in the Portland metro area, the Dougy Center offers a worldwide program directory of locations based on its original model. Each location supports grief and loss to ensure you get needed assistance. Regardless of which services you choose, you’ll get a safe place to feel heard and supported.

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GriefShare is another top resource for grieving families by providing individuals with helpful tips and information as they navigate the grieving process through support groups. These groups meet regularly and act as a support network for members to provide them with comfort and peace of mind. The idea is to have group members meet over a 13-week period to foster true support. This makes it abundantly apparent that there’s no time limit on grief, so grieving family members have the time they need to process.

During the meetings, group members learn what is normal when it comes to grieving and what to expect in the days, weeks, and more going forward. This is an especially useful resource for grieving families since grief isn’t orderly and follows a set path. Consequently, these groups support grief and loss by providing the right coping tools.

One of the best things about GriefShare as a resource for grieving families is that there are meetings in convenient locations across the country both in-person and online. They meet at various times to accommodate a variety of schedules, so even those busy with work and school can attend at their convenience. Some locations even provide childcare to further ease the process. GriefShare also offers helpful, encouraging daily emails to help people throughout their daily lives.

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HealthfulChat is a helpful resource for grieving families since it offers a network of positive chat rooms, focusing on bereavement, grief, and loss. In this unique environment, people can cope with grief in an anonymous, online outlet since in-person support groups aren’t suitable for everyone.

One of the top reasons HealthfulChat is so beneficial to support grief and loss is that it provides continuous support outside of your immediate circle of family and friends. It is also helpful for those who don’t feel comfortable talking to loved ones about their raw, innermost thoughts and feelings. Best of all, this resource for grieving families is available 24/7.

Additionally, HealthfulChat offers a wide array of grief peer support forums and a dedicated support network. The forum is slower-paced for those who might get overwhelmed with numerous people communicating in a chat room. Instead, people can post thoughts or questions and others have the time to respond in meaningful ways. With the social network, you can connect with those you befriended in the chat room for a more personal relationship.

Good Grief

Good Grief serves as a fantastic resource for grieving families by “putting the good in grief” and embracing the special needs of grieving children. Instead of focusing on the often negative connotation associated with grieving, this organization deals with the issue that grief is a natural part of life and should be embraced and not simply glossed over. By offering a supportive community, everyone from grieving children to adult family members is embraced with compassion and a sense of togetherness.

As a resource for grieving families, Good Grief teaches a comprehensive program on resiliency through activities designed for children of all ages, educational workshops for parents, and more. To learn healthy coping skills, those in similar situations are encouraged to lean on each other for support and understanding.

Additionally, Good Grief offers school-based programs since this is where grieving children often experience the most difficulty. These programs provide safe spaces, allowing kids to openly express their feelings and receive proper support for grief and loss. Through support groups and parental education, all family members are included throughout the grieving process.

The Foreverence Team

Whether you choose one of these as a resource for grieving families or go a different direction, our thoughts are with all grieving people. The Foreverence team wants everybody who is mourning to get the support and help they require. That’s why it’s crucial to find the right source for you and your family. This includes contacting us to meet your customizable urn needs to properly honor your loved one. Throughout this difficult time, we wish everybody well through the healing process.

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