Remember your loved one with a unique urn memorial

Why an Urn is a Great Way to Remember a Lost Loved One

The passing of a loved one prompts us to seek meaningful ways to honor their memory. Among the various options available, choosing or creating an urn memorial offers a timeless and personal way to preserve the legacy of those we hold dear. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why an urn is a great way to remember a loved one.

Remembering a Loved One

Urn memorials have evolved from simple containers into cherished pieces of art that encapsulate the essence of a loved one’s life. They serve as a focal point of remembrance, allowing family and friends to feel close to the departed and pay homage in a distinct way.

Personal Connection

Urns carry a unique and personal significance. They are more than a vessel; urn memorials symbolize the memories and legacy of someone you hold dear. Unlike traditional burial methods, an urn allows you to keep your loved one close, providing a tangible connection that fosters reflection and remembrance. Wherever you display the urn, whether it’s on your mantle or in a memorial garden, they allow you to remember your loved one. Customized urns can add an additional personal touch by encapsulating your loved one’s life in a unique way. 


Creating a customized urn memorial allows you to create a special tribute for you or your loved one. Foreverence creates urns that don’t look like urns, since they are completely unique and personalized. This allows our urns to truly reflect the individuality of the departed. Our artisans pay special attention to the photos you provide us, as well as your description of what the urn should look like. From favorite cars to houses, pet likenesses to instruments, the possibilities are endless. The process of creating a custom urn is a journey of celebration, allowing you to immortalize your loved one’s legacy.

Honoring a Legacy

An urn serves as a lasting tribute to your loved one’s life. Each urn memorial can be designed to reflect their personality, passions, and unique life. In this way, urns become a vessel of celebration, allowing you to remember your loved one in a way that feels deeply personal. You can convey the profound impact that they had on your life and the lives of those around them. When it comes to custom urns, since there is so much time and thought put into them, they become an expression of your love for the departed. 

Creating a Custom Urn

Foreverence create custom vehicle, lifestyle, children’s, and pet urns

Foreverence helps individuals and families tell the stories of their lives. With a deep understanding of the emotional significance of memorialization, Foreverence allows you to remember your loved one with a unique, custom urn. 

Foreverence is a disruptive force in the urn industry. We can make an urn look like anything – cars, animals, boats, buildings, and more. Each custom urn memorial is individually designed, hand-crafted, and hand-finished. Foreverence’s urns can capture the interests, feelings, character, and essence of the deceased. In addition, Foreverence allows individuals and families to make uncompromised product choices that align with their personal values.

Imagine. Create. Celebrate.

The Foreverence urn-making process is called Imagine, Create, Celebrate. Our team will guide you through the steps, from initial conversations to the moment you receive your personalized urn. Making something unique requires inspired design and craftsmanship, which is why we take such care in understanding your vision. 


In the first step, Imagine, we encourage you to remember your loved one and what they were passionate about. Then, you can share the stories, pictures, and ideas with us so that we can bring those memories to three-dimensional life.


The next step, Create, involves our skilled team of artisans designing your custom urn. They design, produce, and hand-finish your urn with the utmost attention to detail. Our team will continuously communicate with you throughout the process to ensure that we are getting everything right. The resulting urn will truly be a work of art.


Lastly, the Celebrate step is when you receive your urn. This unique tribute memorializes your loved one in a deeply personal way, thus allowing you to celebrate and remember your loved one. Upon delivery, our team will check in with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with the end result. 

Urn Memorialization

An urn is so much more than a vessel, it’s a testament to a life well-lived, a legacy left, and the love that endures. Through its personalizable nature and the artistry of services like Foreverence, an urn becomes a heartfelt way for remembering a loved one. It offers a way to keep their memory alive, celebrate their passions, and find solace in knowing that their spirit lives on. Urn memorials are a symbol of love, and they offer a tangible, enduring tribute to the bonds that last beyond a lifetime. 

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Author Bio

Pete Saari is the founder and CEO of Foreverence, a revolutionary company that utilizes 3D printing technologies to create fully customized, one-of-a-kind urns.

His entrepreneurial background and creative spirit are the driving forces behind a reimagination of how end-of-life choices are made in the modern era. Foreverence focuses on celebrating and honoring legacies through artistic pieces that tell the story of a life well lived.

Foreverence has hand-crafted and hand-finished cremation sculptures for people (and pets) from all walks of life, honoring the lives of celebrities like Prince and family and friends.

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