Foreverence Urns

Foreverence offers completely custom as well as a curated collection of urns that provide superior alternatives to the more traditional options. Our urn designs allow you to remember your loved one and tell their story in a more personal way. Urns provide a forever memorial to be kept forever, deserving great care and thoughtfulness in their design.

Our custom cremation urns are hand-crafted and individually designed to commemorate the lives they represent. Working from ideas or photos, we will design a unique memorial for your loved one. One off 3D print manufacturing means there is almost no limit to what we can create, providing our customers with true freedom of choice. 

We also have a curated collection of urns that can be personalized with the inscription of your choice. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for individuals and families to bring their vision to reality.

  • Individually Designed

    One-off cremation urns are individually designed based on the specific vision or idea the client provides. Based on your ideas and vision, we will design and build a unique urn that represents the life of your loved one.

  • Curated Collection

    Our Curated Collection offers customers something unique by way of design and material that stand apart from the traditional vase and box. These items can be customized with unique memorial expressions like name, date, special quote.
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