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An urn isn’t just a container for storing your late loved one’s ashes. It’s a memorial commemorating their unique essence, personality, and life. A traditional urn can’t fully capture how special your loved one is to you, but a uniquely designed urn from Foreverence is everything your loved one deserves — and more. Keep your loved one’s presence close to you at home while beautifully celebrating their life with one of our unique human cremation urns today.

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31 products

Human Cremation Urns

The perfect urns for our highly valued customers at Foreverence come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and designs to suit their visions. Choose our Tuscana fiberboard containers (cremation wooden urns) for distinct cube-shaped urns that artistically capture your loved ones’ personalities. 

For a highly creative urn, look no further than our Lyra Echo urn. This gorgeous dimensional ceramic container features a wave pattern that’s perfect for commemorating a loved one who loved the water or was known for “going with the flow” of life.

Select our cube-shaped aluminum Orion urns for containers that are aesthetically pleasing and easy to laser engrave for a personalized touch. This urn option features custom finishes and colors.

Our urns at Foreverence are full size (200 or more cubic inches), plenty of space for keeping your loved one’s ashes secure. We can help you choose the perfect final resting space for your loved one today!

Foreverence: Your Top Choice For Human Cremation Urns

When you shop with Foreverence, you can expect quality, charm, and durability no matter what urn you choose for your loved one. We offer both pre-designed urns and custom urns. 

Pre-designed (curated) urns feature unique designs and materials for displaying your deceased family members’ interests and character. Our custom urns are individually hand-crafted to provide meaningful expressions of your loved ones’ legacies. Keep your loved one close and memorialize them for years to come by ordering from Foreverence today!