Bob Casale

In addition to being the founder of 1980s pop music sensation DEVO, Bob Casale was also a dedicated family man. And although the iconic energy dome made an ideal urn display, the personal inscription made it a perfect expression of his legacy.


A Very Simple Process


After meeting with Bob’s family, it was decided that the design of his iconic “Energy Dome” hat, made popular by DEVO, was the only way to appropriately celebrate his life and art.


During the urn creation process, and at the request of Bob’s family, there were actually two identical cremation urns made. The inscriptions vary slightly on each but state that Bob was a loving family man, a hit recording artist, and a self-described grill master.


Today, the two identical cremation urns are divided among Bob’s two sets of families: one is with his wife in Los Angeles, CA, and the other is with his extended family in Akron, OH.

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