Custom Motorcycle Urns

Memorialize a beloved biker with an urn that looks exactly like their favorite ride. The design possibilities are endless — from a classic Harley Davidson urn to a modern sportbike urn, we’ll make sure every detail is showcased, including aftermarket parts, decals, and even their road-worn boots and jacket. If the call of the open road was a focal point of their story, and the roar of a revving engine brought them so much joy, celebrate that adventurous spirit with a custom urn that pays worthy tribute to a bold life well lived.

Motorcycle Urns of Any Make and Model

A motorcycle is so much more than a means of getting from point A to B. Every moment spent on those two wheels is an exhilarating yet meditative way to explore the world. Biking is a way of life, so it only makes sense to honor your loved one’s memory accordingly. Rest assured that we’ll go the extra mile to ensure that your urn truly captures the essence of your loved one and the motorcycle that was like part of the family. Simply share images of the bike, as well as any stories and memories, and we’ll create a design that will forever memorialize their irreplaceable legacy.

Start Designing a Custom Motorcycle Urn Today

We’re here to provide an easy, straightforward process as you navigate the next steps. We encourage you to browse our personalized urns (including other vehicles & car urns) to get an idea of the level of artistry and craftsmanship we offer. Our unique urns are expertly crafted and finished by hand so you can own a work of art that would be at home in the most prestigious art galleries. You can also explore our gallery for more ideas and inspiration. Remember: anything is possible, from a low-rider Harley Davidson urn to a sleek moto racer. Just like bikers, we refuse to compromise. Order the perfect urn.

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