Semi Truck Urns

Customize truck driver urns that look identical to your loved one’s big rig. From sleepers and day cabs to flatbeds and tanks, we can create any make and model, including custom haulers. Truckers are a unique bunch. They answered the call of the open road and embraced an adventurous lifestyle traveling all over. That bold spirit deserves to be honored and celebrated. Our one-of-a-kind truck urns for ashes will always remind you of the memories shared, whether you were a passenger seat companion on long hauls or someone who welcomed them home with open arms after every voyage.

Semi Truck Urns

Commission a Realistic Semi Truck Memorial

We don’t merely make memorials that look like semi trucks. We go the extra mile to meticulously design urns that look like the semi truck—the one that your loved one drove mile after mile. Our in-house design experts will make sure every single detail is present, from scratches and dents to custom paint jobs to bumper stickers. A trucker’s rig is so much more than a way to transport cargo from point A to B. It’s a home away from home. Honor a beloved trucker with a memorial that immortalizes their beloved rig.

The Customization Process

We strive to provide our clients with an easy, straightforward ordering process. Here’s how to commission an urn.

  1. Imagine. Share photos of the truck, as well as details, stories, and any other information that will help our team to create the perfect design.
  2. Create. Once you’ve approved the design, our team of master craftspeople will hand-craft and hand-finish a unique work of art.
  3. Celebrate. Your truck urn will serve as a meaningful reminder of the trucker who meant so much to you, sparking fond memories and sentimental conversations.

Personalize Meaningful Truck Driver Urns

Recognizing the significance of this acquisition, we have the highest standards for our personalized urns. Rest assured our team will never compromise your vision for the perfect semi truck urn. We encourage you to explore all of our custom urn styles so you can get a feel for the endless variety of urn ideas we’re capable of bringing to fruition. Anything is possible. Your loved one’s big rig was a focal point in their story, alongside people like you who they were so fortunate to know. Celebrate a life well lived with Foreverence truck urns for ashes.

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