Amazing custom urn

Anatomy of an Amazing Custom Urn

Let’s just put this out there. We are a team of artists.

Our expression is not music or song, it’s not oils or watercolors. It’s custom designed and built cremation urn sculptures that help individuals and families tell the stories of their lives.

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For some, beauty is a MOPAR 426 HEMI engine block. For others, it’s the delicate curves of a Tulip flower. It’s for our customers to decide what subject or theme best represents a life well lived, and it’s our responsibility to bring that to life in an artful way.

Although there is a high degree of diversity and subjectivity to our art, there are some things we’d like to help you consider to make this collaborative effort yield an amazing outcome.

The most important question to ask is whether we are we creating a model or a design? What’s the difference?

Model vs. Custom Urn Design

A model is when our customers commission us to make a custom urn sculpture that looks exactly like, say, Grandpa’s Corvette. They’ll provide us with the info for his exact vehicle, such as the year, make, model, color, maybe some pictures.

Next, they’ll ask us to make it look just like it did in real life. In these instances, the element of art is to get as close to that item as we can and to capture any detail that makes that particular vehicle uniquely his.

Things we include might be:

  • Special colors
  • Custom license plates
  • Any modifications

A design is when our customers tell us about how their Mom loved living, such as going on hikes, watching movies, or swimming in the ocean. We are then asked to create something that doesn’t currently exist in form but will represent all of those passions. By nature a design, vs. a model, is much more abstract. It tends to require more collaboration and input from our customers and is more open to artistic interpretation.

I’m excited to tell you that our team is equally adept at either form of art, but there are some tips I can offer to help make both the process and the outcome even more amazing.

#1 Tip for Creating The Perfect Custom Urn Sculpture

As a rule of thumb, less is more.

Coming to agreement on what object or theme best represents a person’s life can be challenging. A natural tendency for family members is to ask to have multiple elements on display. Though technically possible, it tends to be disruptive to the artistic nature of the piece because of thematic and size disparities.

Imagine trying to artfully create a custom urn sculpture for a person who had a favorite mountain peak and also loved football, without making the mountain look tiny or the football look giant.

Remember, the more things competing for attention on a single piece, the more difficult the aesthetics become. There are things we can do to incorporate multiple design elements like representing one of these items 3 dimensionally atop the piece, and the other (or others) 2 dimensionally on the front or side of a base for a cleaner look.

As we said, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes, it’s hard to envision and imagine what that perfect custom urn sculpture might look like. The collaborative and iterative nature of the artistic design process is part of what makes working with our company so amazing.

You are involved throughout the process, and nothing is built until you have approved a final version of the art.

We are honored to be a part of such a unique and personal endeavor. Contact us to learn how we can help!

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