Delivering Unexpected Value

Delivering Unexpected Value in Ordinary Objects

We’ve all heard the age-old expression related to goods and services: you get what you pay for. While all of that is true, when you play in the world of high-end premium products, that dynamic alone is not enough to explain the difference between something ordinary and something truly amazing.

What sets a premium product apart is when consumers go out of their way to buy it for reasons beyond its face value. Let take, for example, a new Rolex watch. You don’t choose to buy it solely because it tells time, right? Yet it’s still a watch and while Timex, Seiko, and countless other brands are trying to explain to prospective customers how their watches tell time with a higher degree of precision than their competitors, Rolex plays above the fray. So, why do people buy a Rolex watch then? Well, there’s several reasons for this, but one of the main reasons is its expression of style and elegance that says to the world, whatever game I’m playing here, I’m winning.

When people pay a large amount of money for a Rolex watch, they sort of expect that it will tell time very, very well. In the world of premium or luxury items, the primary function of the item, in this example a time piece, becomes table stakes. You need more to be able to distinguish and differentiate value on a higher level.

The same is true for a Porsche car. The utility of a vehicle is to transport you from point A to point B, yet that is not at all the reason why people buy Porsches, is it?

At Foreverence, we are asking people to pay considerably more than they often expect to pay for a cremation urn. In fact, if you Google the term “urn” right now, you’ll see what I mean. Both Walmart and Amazon are now playing a part in the cremation urn industry, so if you’re looking for an ash container, which is obviously the primary use of an urn, you can obtain one for $100 or less. For these retail distributors, even the phrase “custom urn” in most cases, just means you can have it in blue, green, or floral pattern.

What I’m trying to say is that if you see a cremation urn as simply a storage place for a person’s remains then we don’t have a good value story to tell. However, if you feel that a custom urn is an expression of an individual’s legacy, a final tribute to a loved one, or a way to tell the story of a life a well lived, then a Foreverence urn provides unparalleled value.
There are many internal and external factors that go into a purchase. Especially one so steeped in one’s personal story and emotion. Helping people understand the many ways a product brings value beyond the ordinary or the expected can allow companies to better align not only with a customer’s primary “needs” but also their more intrinsic “wants”. And that’s where real value resides.

Are you ready to tell your legacy with a beautiful cremation urn? Contact Foreverence today to share your unique story!

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