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The 3 As of Pet Memorialization: How to Design a Ceramic Pet Urn

Finding a meaningful ceramic pet urn can be difficult. Urns for pets tend to have generic, cookie-cutter designs, and the quality leaves much to be desired. We’re here to change that by making it possible for you to design a completely unique pet urn that’s meticulously hand-crafted and hand-finished, resulting in a work of art that’s worthy of the most esteemed galleries.

Pets are beloved members of the family. They deserve to be remembered and celebrated, too. We put the same level of love, care, and attention to detail into all of our personalized urns, whether they’re for people or pets.

Not only will we create a beautiful ceramic pet urn for you to display with pride, but we’ll ensure that the experience is easy and straightforward so you can focus on what’s important: remembering your pet and celebrating the time spent together.

Let’s talk about the three As of memorialization—the simple system that facilitates a smooth, hassle-free custom urn design process.

Endless Possibilities

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At Foreverence, we receive many inquiries from pet owners about helping them memorialize their beloved furry friends. And as always, we’re honored to be considered for such an important task. Recognizing that each pet is unique, we take the time and put in the effort to design and craft a ceramic pet urn that perfectly captures the spirit of your pet.

As far as the visual side of our urns goes, the sky’s the limit! Of course, customers can sometimes find the limitless nature of our offerings a bit daunting. It’s simply a paradox of choice. If you’re told your pet urn can be green, blue, or floral pattern, that’s an easy choice. If you’re told your pet urn can look like literally anythingyou want, however, that’s a little harder.

To simplify the process of personalizing a unique pet urn, we developed a system that helps pet owners create a ceramic pet urn with a design that best represents their loyal companion. It’s called the 3 As of Pet Memorialization. The 3 As stand for Attribute, Activity, and Article.

AAA: Our Straightforward Design System

The three As below are just a framework for you to follow. They’re suggestions that will provide inspiration and guidance as you plan your design. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they’re completely satisfied, so please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any special requests or ideas that aren’t covered in the three As below.


A custom ceramic pet urn of a dog named Mico

Are there any physical characteristics you’d like for us to highlight? We strive to create an amazingly accurate ceramic pet urn that looks just like your pet. Rather than create a likeness of the general species, we really hone in on the unique attributes that are specific to your pet. That way, you’re able to truly remember them as they were.

For example, certain markings, eye colors, fur tones, facial shapes, and other traits can all be worked into the pet urn design of your choice. We had the honor of making a piece recently for a family who had a Great Dane with one brown eye and one green eye. They were floored that their unique pet urn could reflect such a precise level of detail.

As we design your ceramic pet urn, we’ll meticulously analyze photos of your pet to ensure that we capture every detail. Please let us know of any features that are especially endearing to you. For instance, maybe your pet would make a funny facial expression that you’d like to capture. The more details you give, the more accurate a rendition we can put together.


A custom ceramic pet urn that depicts a dog named Shiloh sitting on a dock

What specific activities did your pet enjoy, both alone and with you and the family? And, can you think of some distinctive behaviors that might be able to be incorporated into the design?

For example, we recently created a ceramic pet urn for a family who loved camping with their German Shepherd. As soon as the family indicated that they were headed out to camp, the pet would run to the garage and start clawing at the pick-up truck’s tailgate. The custom pet urn we designed was the pick-up truck, complete with the scratched-up tailgate.

It’s this kind of attention to detail that makes our urns so meaningful. They’ll spark fond memories and sentimental conversations, ensuring that the quirky characteristics of your devoted companion are never forgotten.


A custom ceramic pet urn that depicts a dog named Darby in a bathtub

What’s an article, or thing, that best represents your pet? Everyday items can be part of the ceramic pet urn design, but feel free to think big as you create your unique pet urn, too!

Sometimes, it’s something extraordinary, like the Roman Coliseum (yes, that’s a real example). And other times, it’s something ordinary like a food bowl or favorite toy.

For example, we made a piece for a family’s Collie whose “safe spot” was the home’s bathtub. They shared a photo of their pet peeking out over the side to see what was going on. The custom urn for their beloved pet included, of course, the tub, and the Collie was in the exact pose from the photo.

Design Your Ceramic Pet Urn Today

We understand that creating the perfect memorial when the sky's the limit can seem overwhelming. Rest assured that our experienced, compassionate team will be here to guide you throughout every step of this process.

To get started, we recommend that you browse through our gallery of custom pet urns to see how we’ve helped others memorize their pets. These designs can provide inspiration, but remember—anything is possible!

If you’d like to honor your loyal companion with an urn, contact us today to plan your perfect tribute. We also offer a Curated Collection of pet urns that are available for purchase today. A ceramic pet urn by Foreverence is a stunning work of art that tells a beautiful story. Celebrate every precious moment spent together with a unique pet urn.

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