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The 3 A’s of Pet Memorialization: How to Design a Personalized Pet Urn

At Foreverence, we receive many inquiries from pet owners about helping them memorialize their beloved furry friends. And as always, we are honored to be considered for such an important task.

Since we work in the world of creative custom urn products and services, the sky is literally the limit by way of design and size. Of course, customers can sometimes find the limitless nature of our offerings a bit daunting. It’s simply a paradox of choice. If you’re told your pet urn can be green, blue, or floral pattern, that’s an easy choice. If you’re told your pet urn can look like “literally” anything you want; however, that’s a little harder. We developed a process for helping pet owners create a design that best represents their loyal companion. It’s simply called the 3 A’s of Pet Memorialization. And the 3 A’s stand for Attribute, Activity, and Article:

Attribute: What is a physical characteristic that you’d like to call out. Certain markings, eye color, and other traits can all be worked into the pet urn design of your choice. We had the honor of making a piece recently for a family who had a Great Dane with one brown eye and one green eye. They were floored that their pet urn could reflect such a unique level of detail.

Activity: What specific activity did your pet enjoy or did you enjoy with your pet? We recently created a piece for a family who loved camping with their German Sheppard. As soon as the family indicated that they were headed out to camp, the pet would run to the garage and start clawing at the pick-up truck’s tailgate. The custom pet urn we designed was the pick-up truck, complete with the scratched-up tailgate.

Article: What is an article, or thing, that best represents your pet? Sometimes, it’s the extraordinary, like the Roman Coliseum (yes, that’s a real example). And other times, it’s an everyday item. We made a piece for a family’s Collie whose “safe spot” was the home’s bath tub. They shared a photo of their pet peeking out over the side to see what was going on. The custom pet urn for their beloved pet included, of course, the tub and was in the exact pose from the photo.

We understand that creating the perfect pet memorial urn when the sky is the limit can seem overwhelming. That’s why at Foreverence, our mission is to help families find unique and creative ways to celebrate the life of their pets and honor their legacy with a creatively designed custom pet urn. Browse through our collection of pet urns to see how we’ve helped others memorize their pets. If you’d like to honor your loyal companion with a personalized pet urn, contact Foreverence today!

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